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The reality is clear: Consumers now rely on the internet to explore their auto insurance options. This is precisely where Gigabite, an auto insurance lead provider, plays a crucial role.
We have the ability to supply you with the desired quantity of leads precisely when you need them. By taking charge of the lead generation process, we enable you and your team to focus on securing deals and driving business growth.
Trust Gigabite to deliver the leads you need, while you dedicate your efforts to closing successful auto insurance transactions.
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Why buy Auto insurance leads from Gigabite?

At Gigabite, our utmost goal is to provide you with comprehensive prospect information to successfully close your next auto insurance deal. We stand by you every step of the way, from initial contact to the sales process and final closure.
Rest assured that the auto insurance leads you acquire from Gigabite are real-time, exclusive, and strictly reserved for your use. We never reuse or repurpose leads, ensuring their exclusivity and quality. Trust Gigabite to equip you with the valuable leads you need for sustained success in the auto insurance industry.
Working Process

How It Works

Information collected on our Auto Insurance Leads

For clients seeking auto insurance leads from Gigabite, the following filters are available:

  • Geographic
  • Age of Driver
  • Credit Rating
  • High Risk
  • Home Ownership
  • Current Insurance company name
  • Filing Requirement
  • License Suspension
  • Minimum and Maximum Minor Driving Violations
  • Previous Auto Insurance Claims
  • Minimum and Maximum Accidents
  • Number of Vehicles in Ownership


Auto Insurance Leads Sample

Lead Type:Auto Life Insurance
Contact Information
Name:James Johnson
Address:22 Elm Street Manchester Town
Current Provider:ABC
Length of Current Coverage:5 Years
Policy Expiration:05/31/2016
Relationship (to applicant):Self
Birth Date:04/16/1975
Married, Single or Divorced:Married
Students Discount:No
Highest Level of Education  
Completed:Master’s Degree
License State:New Jersey
License Number:12345
License Status:Active
Age of First License:20
Credit Rating:Excellent
Home Ownership:Own
Vehicle:2020 Toyota Prius
Restraint Type:Dual Air Bags
Security System:Active Disabling
ABS:4-Wheel Standards
Primary Usage:Work Commute
Distance:15 miles
Annual Mileage:15, 000
Storage:Off-Street Parking
Comprehensive Deductible:$500
Drivers:James Johnson
Incident:Red Light Violation
Bodily Injury Liability:$50,000 per person
  $100,000 per accident
Property Damage:$30,000
Uninsured Motorist:$40,000 per person
Rental Reimbursement:No
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