What are Life Insurance Leads?

Life insurance leads consist of individuals who have demonstrated interest in life insurance policies by completing online quote request forms. Recent studies reveal a significant 50% surge in online life insurance shopping compared to previous years. This upward trend indicates a growing preference among consumers to obtain life insurance quotes through online sources rather than contacting life insurance agents directly. Stay ahead of the evolving market landscape by leveraging the power of online channels to connect with potential life insurance customers.
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Why buy life insurance leads from Gigabite?

Our customers experience remarkable 40% conversion rates and rely on Gigabite daily for business success. We provide real-time, exclusive life insurance leads gathered from visitors actively seeking quotes. Our meticulous data scrubbing process ensures lead quality. Agents can tailor leads through customizable filters.
To further enhance agents' effectiveness, we offer a wide array of complimentary filtering options. This empowers agents to customize the life insurance leads they receive, optimizing their targeting and maximizing their results. For detailed information, kindly refer to our Pricing section to explore the full range of benefits and options available.
Working Process

How It Works

Information collected on our Life Insurance Leads


  • Geographic Filters
  • Insured or Uninsured
  • Minimum or Maximum Coverage Amount
  • Policy Type and Term
  • Minimum and Maximum Age
  • Minimum and Maximum Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Tobacco or Drug Use
  • Occupation
  • Major Health Conditions
  • Major Health Conditions


Every life insurance lead is accompanied by dedicated customer service from the lead generation specialists at Gigabite. Gigabite equips agents with the necessary tools and exclusive life insurance leads, fostering the growth and advancement of their businesses.

Life Insurance Leads Sample​

Lead Type:Life Insurance
Contact Information
Name:James Johnson
Address:22 Elm Street Manchester Town
E-mail Address:jjohnson@myemail.com
Birth Date:4/25/1975
Current Provider:ABC
Weight:185 lbs
Tobacco or Drugs:No
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